Social Bloody Social

Greetings fellow worshippers of the Riff.

It’s been a busy few weeks at Sabbath HQ. I’ve been catching up with what seems like an endless cascade of social media. It’s truly mind blowing how much is out there and what you need to do in order to keep the algorithm Gods appeased. We couldn’t get access to the old Facebook account due to the lack of actual flesh and bone customer support. It’s just bots and automated replies. It’s meant we’ve lost over 2,500 ‘likes’ in an instant. The new page currently stands at about 430 which is disheartening but I know it will grow given time.

Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent

The positive side is that I’ve been able to create a new Instagram page, a YouTube channel, a TikTok (Yes, you read that correctly) and regain access to sites such as Bandsintown and Ents24. Hopefully with all these active we’ll keep the band in peoples minds and help with ticket sales. It’s an incredibly tough climate for bands and promoters currently. Bands are cancelling last minute due to the virus of unknown origin and promoters are pulling gigs due to poor ticket sales – because of bands pulling out last minute! The insane price of living isn’t helping either but on a positive note I’m seeing good turnouts on Facebook for certain events, proof that people do want to come out and support live music.

Billesley Rock Club, Birmingham

On that final note I’ll leave you with all the links to our current social media platforms. Give them all a prod, like or whatever you do these days.

Signing off, Dan