Welcome to the new Sack Sabbath site

Now the formalities are out of the way please let me introduce you to the new Sack Sabbath website. It’s pretty barebones at the moment but more will be added soon.

Next is why you are seeing this. Last November we lost our founder and all round 6 string bad ass, Russ ‘Sacko’ Saxton aka Tony I O U. It’s fair to say he did EVERYTHING in the band including social media, website, gig bookings etc. He’s left a massive hole in all of our hearts and we miss him dearly. This has meant we’ve had to restart from scratch as Russ never kept anything logged in and all passwords were saved to his incredible memory.

Moving forward we’ve recruited the excellent Andy ‘Tommy Iommi’ Sayers, who will be helping us out for the forseable future, please give him a huge welcome when you see him at our next show on June 10th at the excellent Eleven in Stoke. We’ll be doing one of our longest sets ever in full dedication of Russ. There will be some songs that we’ve never played live either so it’s extremely exciting!

We love you all!
Sack Sabbath

R.I.P Russell ‘Sacko’ Saxton 1963 – 2021

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