Behind the wall of Merch

Greetings all

Here at Sack Towers we’re putting the wheels in motion to have a huge restock of merch for our upcoming shows (and we may try an online store one day). We’ve just had one tee design in the past, the Vol 4 album cover, but we’re looking to add a couple more. It really helps support the band and generally covers behind the scenes costs such as Facebook Advertising and much more – we’ve just started to dip our toes into Facebook ads and it definitely isn’t cheap! Our fees also help of course but that provides a wage for the night which includes fuel and food – and we know how expensive fuel is at the moment. Truly eye watering! It’s great fun to see folks wear them to our gigs too.

We’ll post updated designs on social media and we look forward to seeing some of you in them!

Until then…

Dan / SS